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Interim Superintendent: Mr. Phil Shelton 

Update from the Superintendent (1/16/2019):

MPGS Air Conditioning

We are still waiting on bids for the first phase of air conditioning.  As stated in December, when a bid has been approved, some work on installation can begin this winter.  This project will be done in two or three phases.

MPHS Construction

Along with the high school construction, the desire is to save part of the original limestone entry (Mt. Pulaski Township High School) and the Abraham Lincoln statue.  If you have any suggestions, regarding how to incorporate the Lincoln statue or the original MPHS section of the entry, please let me know at 217-792-7222 or pshelton@mtpulaski.k12.il.us.

Weather Related Decisions

When there are adverse weather conditions or an emergency situation, Mt. Pulaski CUD #23 follows a carefully measured plan.  The decision to cancel school is not easy and is taken seriously.  If students can be transported to schools safely, we will be in session.  Temperature and wind chill are factors in the winter season.  There are students who wait outside at a bus stop and there are students who walk to school.  If school needs to be cancelled, we will let you know as soon as we can.  We try to make this decision no later than 6:00-6:15 AM.  The decision is based on several factors:

  1. Weather forecasts from several sources, including the National Weather Service and N.O.A.A.  The website is www.weather.gov.
  2. Outside temperature and wind chill.  The wind chill that has been used in the past as a guideline is -20˚ F for cancelling school.
  3. Amount of snow and ice accumulated.  Reports from road commissioners and the district transportation director, Gene Schoth.
  4. Amount of snow drifting and visibility.
  5. The timing of snow, ice and wind chill.
  6. Conversations with other school superintendents.
  7. Building conditions such as heat and electricity, as well as parking lot and sidewalk conditions.

With regard to extra-curricular activities, if school is not in session, practices & games are typically cancelled.  However, depending on the reason school is cancelled and the timing of the events, it is possible that activities may continue as planned.  Contact your coaches or sponsors for more information.  

MPCUD #23 Mission

  • District #23 will commit itself to establishing a well balanced, challenging curriculum including coordinated technology curriculum to ensure students will develop the skills they will need to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.

  • Our  goal is to combine learning with understanding for a better future.


  • The bus barn phone number is 217-792-5687. This number receives text messages and calls.

Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI)

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