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Construction Information & Updates

  • Bricks from the high school are currently being stacked in a daily basis. Please, do not go into the construction area to retrieve bricks! Bricks have been placed outside of the construction fence and are available on a first come, first served basis. Please, take only 1 or 2 bricks (so more people have an opportunity).

Time Capsule Information

BOE Meeting Update from Mr. Lamkey

The Mount Pulaski Board of Education met for the September 23, regular meeting at 6:45 PM, in the district office at Mount Pulaski Grade School. All Board members were present as the Board conducted the Budget Hearing at 6:45 PM. No individuals were present to address the Board and the hearing was adjourned. The regular meeting began at the 7:00 PM.

The Board next approved the consent agenda which included payment of bills, sales tax revenue report, regular board meeting minutes and executive session minutes from August 19. There were no questions on the consent agenda.

Under Reports, Superintendent Lamkey updated the Board on the property assessments for the upcoming assessment and noted that Senator Manar did not foresee any changes in the process. Lamkey also informed the Board that efforts at property tax freeze and school consolidation was disorganized. His final comments involved an informal meeting held between Tri-City and Mt. Pulaski to discuss the teacher shortage, cooperative opportunities (financial and academic) and the general well-being of the two school districts. The two districts shared ideas and closed by agreeing to stay in communication with each other. Tri-City disclosed they are looking to complete a consolidation study with neighboring districts of Sangamon Valley and Riverton. Mt. Pulaski Board President Eric Cowan wished the district good luck in their research.

In other reports, the Policy, Building and Grounds & Personnel Committees discussed their recent meetings and processes. Both the Policy & Building and Grounds Committee have action items under New Business. Finally, Mrs. Fricke offered the Board a summary of the recent fundraiser. She informed the board that his would most likely be the last year for the fundraiser.

In Unfinished Business, the Board adopted the FY20 Budget 7-0. Superintendent Lamkey explained the budget process and forecasted revenues and expenditures. The new building construction will require that the district cut into reserves to meet costs. Lamkey felt confident that after construction was completed, the school would once again be able to build necessary reserves.

Next, Mr. Wilham and Superintendent Lamkey discussed their visit to Mt. Zion High School to learn about their stage lighting system. This visit was the recommendation of the Board so that they could make a confident decision on the two stage lighting alternative bids. After much deliberation, the Board voted to approve the alternate bids for stage lighting and sound for the multi-purpose room. The final action under Unfinished Business was to approve the resolution to Prohibit Sexual Harassment at school. This too passed 7-0.

The first item under New Business was the approval of Superintendent Lamkey’s Goals for the FY20 school year. The goals centered on the task of strategic planning and school improvement planning. The goals were approved 7-0.

In a non-action item, the board discussed their professional development activity that took place in the beginning of September noting it was an excellent reminder of the responsibilities of Board members and their work.

Items C, D and E all revolved around school policy. The board reaffirmed the school policy on Bullying as required by state law and also approved the final reading of the board policy update. Mr. Wilham and Mr. Brown, who serve on the Policy Committee, each discussed the process and rationale behind their policy recommendations. After discussion, the policy update was adopted 7-0.

Next the Building and Grounds Committee, consisting of Mr. Martin and Mr. Cowan, presented the Capital Projects List. It was explained that this was a fluid list that was likely to change as the district needs change. Items on the list would be addressed in an appropriate timeline as allowable by district funds. The number one task of the district will remain the construction and renovation of the high school, as well as completing the air conditioning of the grade school. The Capital Projects list was approved 7-0.

The following actions were approved in the Personnel Report:

  • Accept Letter of Resignation from Garrett LeVault as Bus Driver
  • Employ Adrienne Bunch as Grade School Cheer Sponsor
  • Employ Ryan Deibert as Head Coach for High School Track
  • Employ Brian Erlenbush Assistant Coach for High School Track
  • Employ Marc Werts as Bus Driver
  • Employ Betty Hite as Bus Driver

On November 3, there is a meeting of the Abe Lincoln division of the IASB in New Berlin to which all board members are encouraged to attend.

The meeting adjourned at 7:51 PM. The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be held on October 21, at 7:00 PM.

MPCUD #23 Mission

  • District #23 will commit itself to establishing a well balanced, challenging curriculum including coordinated technology curriculum to ensure students will develop the skills they will need to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.

  • Our  goal is to combine learning with understanding for a better future.


  • The bus barn phone number is 217-792-5687. This number receives text messages and calls.

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