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Interim Superintendent: Mr. Phil Shelton 

Diamond will occur on June 4 from 11 AM until 1 PM. Free lunch for 18 year olds and under. Adults may purchase a meal for $2.

Update from the Superintendent (4/17/2019):

MPGS Air Conditioning

The physical work of A/C installation began on April 15.  As Phase I of the A/C project is completed, we expect to begin Phase II of the project.  When Phase II is completed, we hope by July/August, the MPGS building will be air conditioned.  The MPGS gymnasium is an “alternate bid” as a part of Phase II.  Depending on the cost, the gymnasium A/C will be completed this summer or possibly this fall.  The cost for Phase I is $238,000.  The exact cost for Phase II will not be known until a bid is awarded, hopefully in May.  The entire A/C project is being paid with the 1% sales tax revenue. 

MPHS Construction

As soon as school is completed, the 1912-1926 classrooms will be emptied.  Six portable classrooms should arrive between July 1 & August 1.  Bids for demolition of the 1912-1926 section will be reviewed and a bid awarded at the May 19, school board meeting.  It is expected that the demolition will begin the last week of June.  

There are three parts of the actual high school addition construction.  The new front entry and high school office will be constructed first and will begin in the Fall of 2019.  The construction of the new classrooms and gymnasium will also begin this fall.  The remodeling and configuration of the 1963 locker rooms will be in the summer of 2020.  The entire project is scheduled for completion by December 31, 2020 (total construction time of 18 months).

As a reminder, the $10 million referendum that passed last November (2018) will not affect the tax rate (your tax bill) until the summer of 2020.  

Bond Resolution for $10 Million in School Building Bonds

At the April 15, school board meeting, the adoption of a resolution to issue $10 million in construction bonds was approved.  

The bond resolution culminates a process that involved the school district receiving an “A+” bond rating.  This high rating allowed the school district to receive an interest rate of 3.288% to repay the $10 million in bonds.  Our thanks go to Farmers Bank & Rick Volle who participated in the purchase of some of the bonds.  Because of the wind farm’s effect on raising the school district E.A.V. (Equalized Assessed Value), and the 3.288% interest rate, the payback period for the bonds has been shortened to about 14 years.  The original schedule for payback was 20 years. This will save the district (& taxpayers) about $4 million in interest.  

We thank the tax payers of our school communities for approving the referendum last November.  We endeavor to be good stewards of the proceeds of the bond issue, as we begin the high school construction.  

MPCUD #23 Mission

  • District #23 will commit itself to establishing a well balanced, challenging curriculum including coordinated technology curriculum to ensure students will develop the skills they will need to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.

  • Our  goal is to combine learning with understanding for a better future.


  • The bus barn phone number is 217-792-5687. This number receives text messages and calls.

Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI)

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